Julie's Story

Julie Valadez is a mom with four (4) kids. And as a mom, she's fighting for their rights including the right to be with her own children. Her story is one of domestic abuse and a call to address systematic failure in the Waukesha court system.

At first, we want to say, "why are Julie's kids currently being kept from their mother? Weren't they being protected? What happened?" Unfortunately, sometimes the system breaks. 

And so, Julie feels a public voice is needed to restore her and her children's rights. Even though a public voice comes with risks of safety and retaliation. She takes a stand and asks for accountability, for justice, for your support to stay strong. 

When you talk with Julie, you're put at ease, while she wrestles with currently missing her children, her voice is calm, stable, eloquent, and empathetic. She meets all the marks of an upstanding citizen—check out her LinkedIn ProfileSo, what happened?

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TAKE ACTION. Help Julie and her kids. The system failed. One attorney says she needs the news. Let’s address a system that re-victimizes families. What can you do to help?

Addressing the system takes financial support. Julie’s mission is to get her kids back, and create systematic transformation. To learn more about financial support please visit the Go Fund Me page by clicking the red button below.

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Sign this petition to help move forward a request for an investigation into evidence for the Valadez case.

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Download this sample letter to email or mail a request for investigation. Contacts listed in the sample letter. 

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Check out our Facebook Group and learn more, share your story and help get justice for the Valadez kids.

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